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Czech Open - Czech Open regulations

  • Individual Trials
  • The individual competition is divided into two different lines that are completely independent, their results do not affect each other in any way - Agility and Jumping. Each of them includes 3 qualifying open runs, from which the competitors advance to finals, and one final run in each height category.
  • Competitors can advance to Agility Finals only from Agility qualification rounds as well as they are able to advance to Jumping Finals only from the Jumping qualifications. The fact that anyone qualified or did not qualify for Agility Finals (in its height category) has absolutely no effect on his qualification for Jumping Finals ... and vice versa.
  • If the number of starting competitors (dogs) of one height category in a given Agility qualifying run reaches or exceeds 100, then the 10 best ranked teams in this run advance to Agility Finals. Similarly, if the number of starting dogs in one qualifying Jumping run reaches or exceeds 100 starting teams, then the 10 best ranked teams in the run will go to the Jumping Finals.
  • If the number of competitors (dogs) who started in a qualifying run was less than 100, then the number of best ranked teams corresponding to 10% of the total number of starting dogs in this run and the appropriate height category will advance to the Finals. If the result of calculation 10% of starting teams is not an integer, then it is rounded up to the next higher integer.
  • Only teams, that have negotiated the course of a qualification run without being eliminated, may advance to the Finals. If the number of non-eliminated teams in a qualifying run is less then the result calculated in the above manner, only non-eliminated teams of this run will go to the Finals.
  • If the qualifying rank is reached by team that had been qualified for Finals already in some previous qualification round, then the best following team according to the result list of the run will go to the Finals. Even in this case, of course, the same rule still applies - only teams, that have negotiated the course without an elimination, may advance to the Finals.
  • Standard time of each qualication run is taken from the time reached by the fastest team of all teams that have negotiated the course with the smallest number of penalty points. This time is multipled by a factor of 1.2 and rounded mathematically (numbers lower then 0.5 are rounded down, numbers from 0.5 above are rounded up).
  • The rules for determining the standard time for Final runs are the same, only the factor used to multiple the time reached by the best team of the run is 1.1.
  • The minimum standard time is set at 47s (for qualifying and Final runs without distinction). If, therefore, the result of the standard time calculation described above is more than 47s, the standard time for a given run is set to 47s.
  • The maximal course time for each run will be determined according to the FCI agility rules applicable at the time of the competition.
  • Team Trials
  • The competition is open for teams consisting of 3 or 4 members.
  • The competitions of different height cathegories of dogs are separated. Therefore only dogs of the same height cathegory can be members of a team.
  • Team trials consist of two open runs - one run Agility and one run Jumping - according to the previously announced schedule of the competition.
  • The result of the team in each of these two runs is calculated as sum of the penalty points and sum of the times reached by three best team members in this run.
  • The total result of the team is determined as a sum of it's results of both runs.
  • If there are not at least 3 members in a team, who have negotiated the course without having been eliminated, then the entire team is eliminated of this run and of the Team Competition at all.
  • Three teams in each height cathegory with the best total result will be rearded by prizes.
  • The standard course time of each run is calculated in the same way as for the qualification runs of Individual Trials. The only difference is the minimal value of standard course time. For the purposes of Team Trials the value of 50s is used

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